Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Internship Placement/ Week01

Hello Bloggers,

Here is my first weekly report of my internship (it's a course requirement to give a weekly 200 words, but hopefully I'll make it interesting and insightful for you guys :)

This 1st week was actually really great; fun and interesting! I'm doing my internship over at QMG (Queensland Media Group) Check out their website:

This a nice little studio based in the valley and is a great opportunity for me to have a look and a better understanding of a well functioning studio within the industry. So far I'll be going there on Mondays and Tuesdays which works pretty well with my busy schedule of teaching flash classes at Uni, Working on my Honours film and finishing up my thesis :)

1st day of Internship I got introduced to the staff: So my mate Steve works there and I'll be helping him with his work, He's working on an interesting project which I won't be talking about too much in detail because I have signed a confidentiality agreement :)

The rest of the staff @ QMG is the 3 directors: so Dave, Greg and Chris who started the company. Other staff is the Webdesigner Kas and Peter who both are working on some crazy coding thing that I can't begin to understand but would be interesting to ask them in the long run how it works...

Anyway there are more people working on Flash scripting and Php that I have yet to meet so probably 5 to 8 people in the studio on a regular basis.

1st and 2nd day I got into work, Got introduced to the Management System of the files and the calendars system to get everyone on schedule to sort of make it easy to manage your individual workload.

Excellent, looking forward to week 02 so keep tuned!

Character Designs

Getting there with the designs :)