Thursday, September 18, 2008

Old lady with PC

Poles Apart accepted into BIAF & IAD 2008‏!!

I am pleased to announce that Poles Apart has been officially selected for the7th Brisbane International Animation Festival to be held at the State Library of Queensland and the Globe Theatre in the city of Brisbane, Australia from 28 - 30 October 2008

Poles apart will be competiting in the following categories:

Jury Award

Student Award

Queensland Animation Award

People's Choice Award

Poles Apart will also be included in the Brisbane International Animation Festival's International Animation Day compilation of Australian animated short films which will be screened in major international centres as part of the International Animation Day celebrations held on the 28 October 2008 (which is on the same day as my birthday!! cooolll).

Also in related news Poles apart has been chosen for a possible nomination at the IF awards.

Voting is now closed but for the results you can check their website on the 1st of October:

Can't wait for it, and hope to see you guys there!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Internship Placement/ Week02&03

Hey guys,

Just a little update regarding my internship, It is going really well and I am very fortunate to work on such interesting projects. I spoke to one of the Flash programmers that mentioned how much fun it is to work on something you like doing. The last two weeks went really well and I have been working on a couple of projects. One of them is the 2nd version of a game called Jumporama:
I have been working on the graphics for the new game; so new bgds and new jumps for a more cross country version this time... will let you know when it goes live:)
The other project is still top secret but involved surfing so needless to say, I like it:D

Was also introduced to the SVN files which is basically a way of sharing the files you are working on with colleagues, so that you can access eachother's updated files.

I also learned about designing/animating for games which means using alot more Movieclips in Flash and making sure they loop properly.
It is a different way to approach your animation, because you need to think not only what looks/feels good but how is it gonna work with the game and in harmony with the user's gameplay.

Okay until next week!