Saturday, November 22, 2008

Back From China!!

Hey Guys or should I say Niao!

A little update on our Beijing Trip, We had the BEST time ever!! A truly unforgettable experience:
We got to meet talented filmmakers from around the world. Sightseeing (Included the Great wall, Forbidden city, summer Palace, Pandas at the Beijing zoo...) and experiencing the Chinese culture, food and people was awesome.
We got a rockstar treatment with an awesome staff taking care of us, and we'd like to thank everyone of them for such a great experience.
Poles Apart got a great response from both the audience and other filmmakers and raised interesting issues and questions during a Q&A that followed our screening.
Our schoolmate Benjamin Zaugg picked an audience award for his film "The Room", Congrats to him, he really deserved it!
The best of all was seeing so much enthusiasm during the festival from the local audience, who filled up the cinema for each and every screening!!
Stay tune for heaps of photos and a video summary of our Trip!!

Cheers (Xie Xie)!

Poles Apart Directors,