Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Internship Placement/ Week02&03

Hey guys,

Just a little update regarding my internship, It is going really well and I am very fortunate to work on such interesting projects. I spoke to one of the Flash programmers that mentioned how much fun it is to work on something you like doing. The last two weeks went really well and I have been working on a couple of projects. One of them is the 2nd version of a game called Jumporama:
I have been working on the graphics for the new game; so new bgds and new jumps for a more cross country version this time... will let you know when it goes live:)
The other project is still top secret but involved surfing so needless to say, I like it:D

Was also introduced to the SVN files which is basically a way of sharing the files you are working on with colleagues, so that you can access eachother's updated files.

I also learned about designing/animating for games which means using alot more Movieclips in Flash and making sure they loop properly.
It is a different way to approach your animation, because you need to think not only what looks/feels good but how is it gonna work with the game and in harmony with the user's gameplay.

Okay until next week!

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Alex Grigg said...

hey man, sounds like fun. I like the look of your last post, i cant wait to see them in motion