Friday, August 07, 2009

Back Home!

Hi Guys!! I've arrived this morning back in Brissie!!
The trip was amazing and very important for me on all kind of levels.
Seeing Europe and my family and friends again was awesome!!
I would of gladly stayed longer but like they say: it's time to get back to reality..

One cool discovery I made was during a family house cleanup, where I came across old photos, books and drawings from me to my father, grandmother and great great grandmother! I will share with you a number of these in the posts to come. But for now here's a picture which I dug out, lets call it: Young Paul with a chameleon on his head.

So now you see where the inspiration for my Blog/Website Mascot comes from:) For some reasons I've always liked chameleons and picking this animal over another is not completely random:
Since I can remember: I've always had to blend in into different countries, cultures and social situations. Much like the chameleon I had to morph and adapt myself to my environment until it became second nature.

Anyhoo I hope you like!




Makoto said...

Hey Paul!

Welcome back!!
Glad you are back safe and sound.

Are you moving down to Melbourne too?

Can't wait to hear more about your Europe trip!

PS Mega cute Mini Paul with chameleon!

Maruna said...

Hiiii Paul! Glad you had a great time in europe! soooo jealous of all of you guys who went!
You and the chameleon are so cute!
shall be looking out for more of your pics and photoes!