Wednesday, January 06, 2010

OZanimate 2010 Launch!!

Hey everyone!! Happy New Year!! I hope you had a great time in 09 and I wish you all plenty of creativity and personal growth in all your artistic adventures of 2010!

I have been busy and working on a little project during the last few weeks that I wanted to share with you for this new year: 'Ozanimate'!!

Ozanimate is a community based website aimed at anyone who is interested in animation in general and in Australian animation in particular.

One of goals of this non-profit website is to be a source of news and entertainment focusing on TV series, short films, feature films and showcasing all types of animated content coming from ‘down under’.

Ozanimate also aims to provide a number of resources like a list of schools, studios and Animation festivals in Australia to help both animation student and professionals.

So come have abrowse and join the site to share ideas, comment on videos, give feedback or even become a contributor by writing posts! The goal is to have this place for everyone and by everyone to help our industry grow by showcasing our local talent!

Big Hugs!!



Alex Grigg said...

fantastic work mr lalo!!! such a great idea!

Paul Lalo said...

Hey! Thanks Alex!! Are you back at work now? how was your holiday? Sorry we didnt have time to catch up..