Saturday, June 27, 2009

Annecy 2009 + Trip update

Hi everyone,

It's been hard but I finally found an internet cafe in Paris. Beleive me it wasn't easy...

Well heaps has happenned since my last post... Annecy was amazing on all levels, enlightning conferences, amazing short films and the most beautiful city to have an Animation festival in. The other cool thing about Annecy, was to see in flesh all of the industry top people, studios, VIPS...

It's is definetely the place to be and everyone was super friendly and accesible!!

the rest of the trip is going well beside a back injury that prevented some of my plans (lucky I took a good insurance policy). I am now getting better and able to walk again! YAY!
More news very soon!

1 comment:

Makoto said...

Paul, I hope your back is ok!!
Enjoy the rest of your trip too :D

PS I love FRANCE!! And their language!!